Monday, June 26, 2006

Vacanza Lunga

It seems a little perverse to make the first update only to say that I am off on hols for a month. I'm going to Puglia in southern Italy, where my parents have a small house. So, if anyone is passing, this is the reason I will not be commenting on other more serious and committed blogs.

I'm going by car and I hope to see a number of places that touch on material for my dissertation: I plan to visit the duomo in Milan in order to take some better pictures of the drastic alterations to the sanctuary. Hopefully a better intervention will be found in the cathedral of Parma, where a new ambo, cathedra and footpace for the altar either have been or are in the course of being installed.

I also plan to visit the new cathedral in Taranto by Gio Ponti, finished in 1971 (I think) and conceived over a tumultuous period: Should be interesting.

If anyone is passing through, I would be most appreciative of any pictures or other visual or textual information on (Catholic) church reorderings. I would also be grateful for any pictures of modern/contemporary architecture churches.


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