Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deep Conversation meme

I found this over at the Rome of the West blogspot. Not many pub conversations in my list.

  • Saints
    Philip Neri
    Francis Xavier
    Thomas More
    Ignatius Loyola
  • To be Canonized
    Marcel Lefebvre (... in a few hundred years maybe!).
    John Henry Cardinal Newman
    John XXIII ( to ask, did you really say 'Stop the Council! Stop the Council!'?)
  • British Heroes
    Henry V
    Guy Fawkes ( Kidding, I think!).
    John Fisher
    Churchill, after the first Pol Roger of the day.
  • Authors/Writers
    Graham Greene & Evelyn Waugh, together.
    Auberon Waugh & Mark Steyn, again together.
    Augustine & Plato together (heavy...).
  • Celebrities
    Pope Benedict XVI ( When are we going to get the indult?) Bush 43, maybe with Vlad Putin.